In Pisa, five people were hospitalized after street shooting : Crime news : Vladim

News 9 February, 2018

In Pisa, five people were injured in the shooting, which was opened by unknown in the street. The wounded were hospitalized by the ambulance service.


There is information that a stranger was riding on a motorcycle. Shooting was opened by a dispute between a motorcyclist and passersby. Unknown pulled out a weapon after the townspeople began to resent his dangerous stunts that he did on a motorcycle.

At the moment it is known that severe injuries incompatible with life, none of the hospitalized had not received.
The man, whose identity is now established, fled from the scene. Search for motorcyclist involved the city police and the carabinieri.
Recall that the case of street shooting in Italy is not the first. February 3, neo-fascists known as the Bow of Train shot at people of the African race in the streets of the city Macerata. The fire injured six people.