In Railway area of Rostov in the evening rocked the shots

News 18 December, 2017

Residents of the Railway district of Rostov-on-don in the evening on December 17 informed the police about the shooting outside Chukotka.


Arrived along the police witnesses said that about 22:00 for their Windows and screams, accompanied by the bustle and fight, and then thundered shots. After shooting some girl screamed,”Help, he’s hurt!” Caused by witnessing the incident, the police and a brigade “first aid” arrived quickly.

A press-service GU MVD of Russia in the Rostov region confirmed the fact of shooting on the streets of Rostov and noted that all five young people suspected of involvement in the conflict, was detained. The conflict occurred on domestic violence. During the scuffle one of the parties to the conflict used weapons. Conducted pre-trial investigation.

The victim was immediately taken to hospital, where he was given first aid. At the moment, his health and life threat no.