In Romania, announce the godson of Adolf Hitler : around the World : Vladim

News 19 January, 2018

In Romania, the pensioner declared himself a godson of Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany, and provided evidence of this.


Adolf Ernst Stadler, a resident of Romania, who turned 77 years old, says that he is the godson of Adolf Hitler, but couldn’t prove it before because he did not have German citizenship. The man was born in 1941 25 APR boot camp for ethical Germans near the Austrian border. At that time, Hitler swore an oath that would baptize the first newborn child, which will appear in the settlement. This child was Stedler. It was named in honor of his godfather, but the boy’s parents after the war he moved to live in Romania, and her mother burned my birth certificate.

Now, when Adolf Stadler made his German citizenship, he was able with the help of archives to restore their testimony and to prove the truth of his baptism.