In Rostov police is engaged in search of the maniac Ghost

News 7 December, 2017

Law enforcement agencies of Rostov almost began to search for the serial killer, because once it became clear that information on the signs and other symptoms is a fake, and therefore the maniac nothing more than a “Ghost.”


However, it was reported that the wanted about 35 years, it is rare mustache and a sports complex. She then proceeded to describe, as if from a textbook: nervous behavior, habits of a person with complexes, wears a hat with a pompom, and also a black sweater with a high collar.

It was reported that a maniac, among other things, sexual attraction to minors, because he had, like an animal watching the children.
Public community spaces social networking after some time admitted that he published fake. As evidence of this submitted photo of the same man, but with a different description and another city.