In Russia, the growing epidemic of theft of car headlights

News 14 December, 2017

In recent years significantly increased statistics of thefts of headlights from luxury cars. Expensive items you can sell on the market from 40 to 120 thousand rubles.


Expensive factory parts prestige cars began to use huge demand at the intruders. Remove the headlamp from a prestige car – it is 10 seconds because the clamping mechanism of the headlamp on the body of the car is designed for convenience and speed of repair of broken parts. This “flaw” of facilities could not take advantage of our people. Now, increasingly, the drivers of expensive cars may find their “iron pet” without lights in the morning. Many victims believe that such thefts are made to order. In law enforcement bodies while in any way can not prevent this fact, because there are no effective mechanisms of influence. However, the mechanics offer masters engraving special unique code on the headlights, as a recognition sign, which will help the owner to find the stolen, and the garage owners not to buy stolen goods from thieves.

Already in 2018 the license plates of each detail, will fit into the recognizable features of the car during registration, so the police are going to prevent theft, not only headlights, but also other parts, as the drivers to facilitate the search of parts if they are stolen.