In Scotland issued the strongest gene in the world : the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

In Scotland the organization of the Twin River produced the strongest gene in the world. 77-degree beverage was presented at the festival, Gin Festival: North East. At the moment, out of one party consisting of 101 bottles. Information about it spread by the British media.


The strongest in the world gene has a walnut-cream flavor. When the Director-producer got a taste of this drink, he couldn’t stop and decided to show it to the world. So the production company Twin River came to the festival. At this event, experts have called gin great. Pleasant to drink it, despite the fortress. In the end, the owner of Twin River was proud that his organization has managed to create such worthy of respect products.

77 first-degree gin by mistake made in Canada. I made the mistake of employees of the Bacardi company. The laws in the “land of the maple leaf” strict, so the manufacturer promptly removed the not implemented for technologies alcoholic beverage.