In Scotland, the teacher took pictures of students under the Desk

News 6 December, 2017

54-year-old teacher from Scotland will go to prison for 18 months. James Hughes did a photo his students under the table for extra classes. This was reported by foreign media.


According to the newspaper Daily Mail, literature teacher of one of schools in North Lanarkshire have left Schoolgirls on additional classes, during which forced them to sit, lifting or legs spread. At this time, the teacher took the photo from under the Desk. To learn about the activities of the 54-year-old male failed due to one of the students who took the teacher left on the table.

Police raided the home of James Hughes and its place in the school and found more than 250 photos and 70 videos with Schoolgirls from 8 to 16 years. The teacher pleaded guilty. The court sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment and 10 years made in the register of sex offenders. Parent of victims dissatisfied with this decision. And attorney Hughes noted that it broke the career of his client.