In shock after being defraud

News 21 December, 2017
  • Catherine Montambeault

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 01:00

    Thursday, December 21, 2017 01:00

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    Four traders Beloeil having befriended the woman who ran their accounts are in shock since they have learned that it would have defrauded for more than 365 000 $.

    Louise Henry was participating in the dinners, the family of a client and organizing evenings and a tv with another. All for the sole purpose of emptying their bank account once they had their backs turned, according to police.

    The woman 54-year-old native of Sainte-Madeleine, in Montérégie, would have served hundreds of thousands of dollars and stolen to play the video poker machines in a bar in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

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    Louise Henry

    Fraudeuse alleged

    “It is a liar, compulsive. Everything she has told us, it was false from the beginning to the end, ” starts with anger Mathieu Brault, owner of Amaz-ink Tattoo.

    The restaurant Barabouf, Lost Souls Tattoo, Amaz-ink Tattoo and Grooming The Friend of Orami have separately filed a complaint for fraud with the Régie intermunicipale de police Richelieu—Saint-Laurent.

    The Sûreté du Québec have also received two complaints against the accounting Services of affiliates, the company and Ms. Henry represented.

    It is in 2013 that Stéphane Urier, the restaurant Barabouf, began to do business with Louise Henry. Over the years, she has become a friend of the family.

    “It is vicious, his case. This is not someone who acted on impulse. Everything was calculated, ” says Mr. Urier.

    “Manipulative “

    “She meets people, then it becomes very close to them,” he says. She came home, we eat at our table, play with our children… It is a manipulative. “

    For more than two years, the fraudeuse alleged to have cashed checks in his name by imitating the signature of Mr. Urier.

    “If you had 4000 $ to pay to the government, she was doing the check, but she was tearing and it was a for it at the same amount. Now, the government claims me tens of thousands of dollars that I already paid. “

    When the restaurant realized what was happening, he would have called Ms. Henry to meet her. “I have never seen since,” he said.

    The woman would have used the same ploy with the company’s Amaz-ink Tattoo. From 2013 to 2016, she might as well cheated Mathieu Brault for $220 000.

    “Today, I find myself with a huge debt to the government, he laments. I have been working like crazy to try to take the company, because it is my only livelihood. “

    Louise Henry has appeared at the palais de justice in Saint-Hyacinthe on Monday under various charges related to the fraud. She remains in custody until the 28 December, the day of its survey release.

    Ms. Henry has had run-ins with the law in connection with the fraud, in both 2008 and 2012.

    130 000 $ lost

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    Stéphane Urier, the restaurant Barabouf accuses Louise Henry to be defrauded

    220 000 $ lost

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    Mathieu Brault, Amaz-ink Tattoo

    10 000 $ lost

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    Guillaume Marien, Lost Souls Tattoo

    10 900 $ lost

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    Caroline Hamelin, Grooming The Friend of Oram

    She may have other victims

    The six separate complaints filed against Louise Henry leave investigators to believe that other people could have been escroquées.

    The woman in Sainte-Madeleine would also not complicated to defraud some of its customers. It would simply have transferred the funds by e-mail from their bank account.

    “When I went to see him to ask what it was these transfers, she told me that it was the money she took to pay my Hydro or my rent. I had confidence, it was my accountant and my friend ! ” explains Caroline Hamelin, owner of a Grooming Friend of Orami.

    From February to June 2016, Louise Henry would have him and stole nearly $11,000.

    When Ms. Hamelin has made the fraud of which she was the victim, she confronted her so-called friend.

    “An error “

    “She told me : “Oh no, I made a mistake ! I used your account to pay the expenses of another client. I swear that I will repay thee”, ” the toiletteuse.

    Six months later, as she still had no news, Caroline Hamelin was called Mrs. Henry. This time, she recorded the conversation.

    “Yes, I will repay thee the best that I can,” repeated the fraudeuse alleged by raising gradually the tone. Mrs. Henry would also scammed Guillaume Marien, Lost Souls Tattoo, in the same way in 2014 for $10,000.

    “When I called for it to be explained, she told me that she would call me back,” he said. I have never heard of it. “

    If you believe you have been deceived, contact the responsible of the file to the 450 922-7001, ext 393 or by email at