In South Africa, was born a kitten with two muzzles

News 23 December, 2017

In the most populous city of South Africa (South Africa) were born a kitten with two muzzles. The owner of the animal did not dare to care for such a strange pet and gave it to secret service personnel.


From this institution of a kitten taken by a woman volunteer. She left it at home, as the baby charmed her. Veterinarians carefully examined the non-standard two-faced animal and found he had serious diseases. Kitten distinguishes it from other representatives of this species only the presence of two muzzles. Otherwise no problems, it was called Betty Bi.

The new owner brought the kitten page in Facebook. On it the woman publishes photos and videos. The baby has had time to win popularity in the Network, despite such a young age. Cats have a great appetite and she is completely healthy.