In St. Petersburg the exhibition will present the works of artists from Russia and Japan In the World : Vladim

News 8 February, 2018

7, the opening of the international exhibition called “Bridging”. The project was presented in the Central exhibition hall “Manezh” of St.-Petersburg. There is information that the exhibition will last until March 10 and then the artists will present in Moscow “New Manege”.


The exhibition featured more than 120 works of talented artists, students of Russian and Japanese art universities. The exhibition “Overcoming” is part of the integrated project “Takeda. Pain and freedom”.

The main objective of a large-scale event to draw attention of Russian citizens to the development of palliative care and new medical technologies.
The artists of the two countries, through their talent, trying to bring the Russians to the problem of understanding and support for terminally or seriously ill people.
The theme of works by young artists from Russia and Japan is very relevant today. As you know, in palliative care need about 400 thousand inhabitants of Russia.