In St. Petersburg unknown assailants attacked a road patrol : Crime news : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

In St. Petersburg in the Primorsky district, unidentified attackers carried out the attack on employees of traffic police. The criminals who have beaten the employee of Traffic police, are suspected of stealing the car, and after beating the police they managed to escape.


In the incident, which occurred near the alley Polikarpov, a representative of the traffic police approached the suspects in the theft of the vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser, after which the attackers took him in a fight. When I try to verify the documents, the representative of traffic police has suffered multiple physical injuries, and then the criminals left the scene in an SUV in black, in which accomplices of the attackers were waiting for them at the end of the street.

Medical experts, who examined the police in the emergency room, announced the suspicion on cherepno-a brain trauma of a closed type, and the presence of multiple abrasions and contusions on the body of the militiaman.