In Syria there have been a modernized T-72 tank with reactive armor In the World : Vladim

News 6 February, 2018

In Syria saw a T-72 tank with an extraordinary dynamic protection. Shots of the car hit the global Network.


This tank elements of reactive armor mounted in a custom sequence. They cover the front part of the body at the top and bottom. Tower T-72 is less secure, the reason for this are grenade launchers “Tucha”, prevented full implementation of “Contact”.

The crew took care of strengthening the protection of the side of the turret and its surface. Comparing this machine with the serial technique, it is a weaker ability to resist shaped-charge warheads, but in a modernized tank likely to survive in combat at the tank much more. Today, the Syrian army uses in battle tanks T-55МВ and T-72AV with dynamic protection. Also the troops of the Arab Republic of have other similar models that are able to eliminate as cumulative ammunition and armor-piercing projectiles.