In Texas video took the invasion of black birds In the World : Vladim

News 6 February, 2018

In Mexico in the state of Texas, the locals in the Internet posted a video circling the large number of birds above the road, which alarmed many citizens.


Online in YouTube appeared intimidating, it removed the black birds, which circled over the carriageway. Many eyewitnesses to this spectacle were like scenes from horror movie “Resident evil 3”. Birds circled and cried very much, and that resulted in horror. This invasion occurs in Texas almost every year when the birds come to Mexico for the winter. They do not represent any danger to local residents, however, fans of films of the horror genre can’t shake the idea that birds attack people.

Note that in many countries around the world every year is like an infestation. Most people see such scenes with birds when they get together for a flight to another place of residence.