In Thailand a naked man threw faeces at the airport : In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

Airport village Phuket, located in Thailand, police arrested 27-year-old American. The man ran through the building of the air port naked and were wrestling around and throwing feces.


Information about the incident spread by the Western media. To calm the brawler was only six security guards of the airport. They tied up the young man and handed him over to the police. Militiamen sent the offender to the station. On questioning, the man explained his behavior that exceeded the dose of medication that stimulates sexual desire. American too excited and lost control of his behavior. Police do not believe the excuses of a US citizen. The guards sent the young man to check to the doctors. Physicians must determine the mental state of the detainee.

Journalists interviewed eyewitnesses. According to witnesses at the airport, run around naked with excited male sexual organ. Women were afraid that he would hurt them.