In Thailand, the mother brutally weaned children away from smartphones : In the World : Vladim

News 21 January, 2018

Her technique is particularly cruel, therefore, received both positive and negative reviews from many users. The results of their “experiment” a woman is videotaped and then posted it on YouTube.


According to a resident of Thailand, her two children all his spare time was devoted to games on smartphones, refusing to go out or to do homework, so my mother had to take a serious decision. The woman developed her own way, forcing little children to abandon gadgets.

This method is based on the fear that the mother set as Wallpaper on your smartphone scaring the children the picture, so they are now afraid to take it in hand. The video shows how it literally forces the child to take the device, but once unlocked, he started to cry, dropping the phone to the side, while his brother hid at all.