In the Arkhangelsk region, a drunken man stabbed his mother to death : Crime news : Vladim

News 12 January, 2018

In Konosha district male, being in an alcohol intoxication, killed their own mother. The suspect says he did not remember committing a crime. This was informed in a press-service of SU IC in the region.


37-the summer inhabitant of the Konosha district of the few days stayed in a drinking bout. Once again drinking alcoholic drinks, the man stabbed his mother to death. The tragedy occurred on 8 January this year. The suspect claims not to remember doing the crime. According to the man, he found that he stabbed his own mother, when I woke up from drinking. Name the reasons on which he could raise the knife for a parent, a resident of Arkhangelsk region was also difficult.

In a press-service of SU IC in the region say that earlier the man was already answer before the law for the offense. Criminal case is brought. Details of the incident are being investigated.