In the Chinese zoo live puppy fed to the Python on the public eye : In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

In one of the Chinese zoos there was a strange incident. A puppy allowed to feed the Python, and the snake ate the dog right in front of the visitors.


In the zoo of the Chinese city of Pingdingshan had a nasty accident. According to visitors, one of the staff brought the newly born puppy and put it in the cage with the Python. After a few moments, the snake swallowed an animal. This “feeding” has caused indignation of many witnesses, especially visitors with children. Information about the incident appeared in local social networks and attracted the attention of law enforcement officers who intend to carry out an inspection on this fact.

The zoo said that this was an isolated incident, and the perpetrator has already been punished. According to one of the workers, to feed the puppy the Python was a personal initiative of the employee, and the dog he was found frozen on the street, so she would not have survived.