In the shop for recycling found the body of a baby in Moscow : Crime news : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

In Moscow on the ribbon, sorting trash found the body of a small child. About this local media reported.


How to write Moscow correspondent with reference to law enforcement bodies in the capital in the sorting shop of the plant for processing waste noticed a dead baby on a conveyor belt. According to unofficial information, he died from hypothermia. Traces of violent death on the body of the child missing.

On this fact police opened criminal case under article about murder of a minor. The case was initiated after the conclusion of the forensic examination.

Earlier in the territory of the Kuban found the body of a child. The corpse of the unfortunate lay in a landfill, the child wrapped in a towel. People who saw the body, told employees of the landfill, and those called to the scene of the incident to the police.