In the Sverdlovsk region detained infecting victims of HIV loving recidivist

News 7 December, 2017

In the town of Serov, Sverdlovsk oblast, broke out a series of crimes, something reminiscent of his entanglement Santa Barbara. As reported by RIA Vladim, citing a statement by the press Secretary of the Moi of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt, the police detained the cohabitant has infected man of HIV infection.


Failed to establish that the 30-year-old suspect, aware he has the disease, warned his civilian wife, who while working in the healthcare field. The detainee, after treatment of the victim, a citizen was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. As to the former sweetheart he / she must pay 500 thousand rubles, which, in the opinion of the court, compensate for her physical and moral damage.

The consequence managed to establish that an HIV-infected man for a long time was part of the technical staff of the same medical institution and the victim. Together they decided to live in 2014. Soon repeatedly convicted on charges related to the theft, the man committed another property crime that was once again involved law enforcement. In the course of the trial his girlfriend accidentally learned that her lover was diagnosed with HIV. However, from the places of deprivation of liberty, the civil wife of his man waited for a half year and then as much again to live together with him“- says Burned.

Loving recepit in 2016, however, falls in love, as he himself later admitted, in a resident of Serowe, where you decided to get married. For his former concubine for such an act was regarded as a betrayal, so she decided to apply to law enforcement agencies, trying to attract a former lover to justice for what he did not warn her about the presence of his deadly disease.

The police at the time of conducting the investigation, which has proven the defendant’s guilt. The citizen in the interrogation said that ill 18. The presence of the disease, he knew, but not the treatment during the period of cohabitation was not engaged and did not observe when having sex the rules of personal hygiene, which led to the tragedy.