In the U.S. the court sentenced the two Russians to prison for cyber crimes In the World : Vladim

News 15 February, 2018

As a result of the investigation one of the largest cyber attacks in the United States of America, the court approved as a guilty verdict for two Russian citizens to prison.


Dmitry Smilyanets and Vladimir Drinkman appeared before the justice court of the United States, receiving the punishment for their cyber crimes 4 years and 12 years imprisonment respectively. Note Smilence was sentenced to 52 months in prison, however, 4 months after the Russians managed to hold in detention during the official investigation, which stay in prison he remained for 4 years. Note, Russians were accused of stealing financial information, as the investigation revealed the involvement of Russian citizens to the theft of information of more than 150 million credit cards.


Cyber criminals inflicted damage is estimated by experts to amount to more than $ 300 million. We add that the two Russians were detained on the territory of the Netherlands at the request of U.S. authorities.