In the UK she lost 50 kg because of the “horrible” sex : the World : Vladim

News 13 February, 2018

“Awful” sex has promoted weight loss resident of UK. She was able to lose 50 pounds.


According to Bonnie Steiner, she gained a lot of calories after birth, a few years ago. She admits that’s never worried about his body mass, she could afford to eat what you want, but at some point Bonnie strongly recovered. She literally couldn’t stop and help it, when they saw food.

A large mass prevented her to engage in horseback riding, a hobby of the Brits: the animal did not raise a woman, weighing over hundreds of kilograms. She has considerably decreased self-esteem and have difficulties with sex life, which she has called “terrible.”

Nevertheless, she dropped 50 pounds and became involved in a TV show where the participants are looking for a mate. Bonnie claims that 12 years have not been on a date, but now feels confident and hopes to find a good guy.