In the United States canceled about 1.5 thousand flights due to snow : In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

The famous news Agency Reuters released information that in the United States of America more than a thousand flights have been canceled due to adverse weather conditions.


In connection with the heavy snowfall that engulfed a large part of the territories of Detroit and Chicago, at many airports, passengers are told to cancel about a thousand flights of local and international communication. Heavy precipitation in the form of snow, causing multiple traffic jams in American cities, also caused the closing of many state institutions, including schools in Chicago. City officials appealed to residents of Detroit and Chicago with a request not to leave their homes without a good reason.

In both cities, municipal services work in the regime of high alert, trying in the shortest time to eliminate the consequences of snowfall. Forecasters said that likely the intensity of precipitation will continue until the end of this week.