In the United States due to extreme weather conditions cancelled more than 3 thousand flights In the World : Vladim

News 8 March, 2018

In the US, a decision was made regarding the cancellation of more than three thousand flights due to snow storms that struck the Eastern coast of the country on Wednesday, 7 March. At the moment the special services are encouraged to follow the news and promise to open the message as soon as the weather conditions will be relevant.


According to the latest information the American portal FlightAware, adverse weather conditions led to the fact that I had to cancel more than 3,200 sorties, in addition, about 11.5 severely delayed thousands of flights. In particular, only from the airport of a name of John Kennedy, which is located in new York, March 7 due to weather conditions it was decided to cancel flights more than 465 planes.

At the National weather service of the USA noted that in the coming time the weather is unlikely to improve. The members of the press noted that the U.S. weather service spread the message that storm will be valid until 9 March.

It is also expected that by that time, the thickness of the snow cover in the northeast United States will exceed 30 centimeters.