In the United States naked girl embarrassed taxi driver Topless and then robbed In the World : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

USA in Louisiana, the robbers tried to improve their financial position with the help of a taxi driver of Uber. When the woman distracted driver bare chest. Information about this incident spread to us media.


The taxi driver picked up the 22-year-old girl home. He tried to meet with a lady, got her phone number and agreed to meet. The woman called my new friend yourself. She asked the driver to come to her apartment. The man agreed and went to the specified address. He called, the door was opened by his new friend, the taxi driver was confused as the girl greeted the man with a naked chest. The driver wanted to leave, as he thought that over him just laugh.

Suddenly the lady began to kiss the driver. Then came a young man and began to demand money from a taxi driver at knifepoint. When the man refused to pay, the guy punched him in the face and knocked out a tooth, and then left. The girl said she has no idea why her house was coming up, this guy. The victim sought help from the police, the aggressor managed to find. The guy was detained, police believe the girl accomplice. According to investigators, the couple in this way earned money.