In the United States was arrested for the sacrifice of a group of people who spoke incomprehensible language In the World : Vladim

News 17 March, 2018

In the United States, Texas, police arrested a dozen people who sacrificed animals in the garage. Information about the incident spread by the American media.


Local residents called the police, as discovered in a nearby house strange things. According to people, there was sacrifice. Law enforcement officers quickly responded to the alarm and arrived at the specified address. Police found in the garage a dozen people cut off the heads of chickens, sheep and dismembered carcasses of other Pets.

Suspected the sacrifice was sent to the area to ascertain all of the circumstances. During the arrest of violators of the legislation spoke in a strange language. According to police, the arrested did the secret rites. It actually is doing strange people is still unknown. The investigation is underway, after clarification of all circumstances of the case will decide on the responsibility of detainees.