In the US call a AK-47 in front of the M-16

News 7 December, 2017

Former CIA officer Fritz Ermarth in the column of the portal of the National Interest to a Russian AK-47 in front of the M16 used in the US. The difference historically conditioned.


Kalashnikov, who led the top 5 deadliest weapons, more adapted to polluted environments than the M16. In the past Russian soldiers needed a weapon with which to Wade through the mud, and colonizers in the United States needed ognestrela increased accuracy – writes Ermarth.

Unlike the M16, AK-47 jammed from firing in wartime Vietnam. The venting system based on the long stroke gas piston, protects the machine from contamination by the products of gunpowder.

American rifle uses a direct gas connection and therefore faster polluted. The same design feature makes shooting of the M16 more accurate than an AK-47.