In the US prisoners will get the pizza for the rejection of the beating of inmates

News 23 October, 2017

Prisoners of Rikers, which is located in new York, get a pizza for what was heard by the guards and beat their inmates. In the Internet appeared the photograph of a man with boxes of pizza, which is no less than 20 pieces. This picture caused a wave of indignation among the inhabitants of the United States.


The head of the Union of workers of the prison Patrick Ferraiolo reported that they did not approve of the promotion of criminals in prison just because they don’t beat each other up. Such incentives themselves are a violation of the conventional mode and the present smuggling.


In the administration of the prison said that prisoners who have shown good results for reducing violence and aggression towards the rest of the prisoners, has spent a total of $ 400. These prisoners were only 75 for 2 pizzas per person.
Note that in Rikers island, a total of 400 offenders who are the most problematic of all. Note that in 2014 the attacks on prison staff has decreased by 65%. If attacks was 92, it was 32.