In the US students are having a secret contest to have sex with fat girls In the World : Vladim

News 8 February, 2018

Leaders at Cornell University in the US found that the members of the student fraternity ZBT was having a secret contest to have sex with the most massive girls schools. Information about this contest to spread the American media.


The guys agreed to entice fatties to do with love. If young people have reached the goal, they receive points. The greatest number of points scored the man who slept with the fat girl. The contest is called “Pork fried”. The boys deny all charges in the address. According to students, they never think of such vulgar thoughts, so they refuse to talk on such topics.

The organizer of the society ZBT received two years ‘ probation. Other members of the fellowship attend a course on “preventing sexual assault”. Guys talking to psychologists, explain to young people how to behave in society in order not to have problems in the future. Informed journalist visited Mohawk College in Canada, where in one day twice have experienced sexual harassment.