In the US, the stadium has withstood controlled explosions

News 6 December, 2017

In the US, the stadium has withstood controlled explosions. This happened in the village of Pontiac, Michigan. Information about the incident spread by the American media.


Stadium Pontiac Silverdome wanted to carry, it was built in the 70-ies of XX century. The design was exploited until 2002, then it became a draw. In 2015, the city administration decided to destroy the stadium as unnecessary. The third of December of the current year employees tried to blow up the design, but nothing happened. The stadium survived the process and remained standing in the same place. The leaders of the organization, carrying out bombings said that the reason for the failure are technical problems.

Multiple devices installed near the bearing beams have not worked. Now the stadium will be demolished with construction machinery. Experts say about the possible fall of the design, but not called a date when it will happen. Users in social networks are actively discussing the incident, noting the excellent quality of the stadium.