In the USA arrested the student, who wanted to make a school shooting : the World : Vladim

News 15 February, 2018

In Everett, Washington, police arrested a student of one of the schools on suspicion of preparation of the crime. The grandmother of 18-year-old boy found a personal diary of his grandson, stating his intention to shoot teachers and students.


The grandmother of 18-year-old pupil of one of schools located in the city of Everett in Washington state, went to the police with the announcement that his grandson to have a shooting at the school. This woman learned from the records of the personal diary of guy.

During the search, police found a rifle, owned by the guy that was hiding in the guitar case. Police also studied the diary of a teenager. The suspect was detained during one of the lessons in school.

US media quoted the described plans of the student, in which 18-year-old boy reported that he wants to reach the highest number of casualties during the upcoming school shootings. What school will be committed to the attack, the teenager was going to solve with the help of the coin toss.