In the USA the girl declared herself dead, and called the virgin Mary? In The World : Vladim

News 15 February, 2018

A US citizen, who identified herself as the virgin Mary, tried to escape police harassment in his car. Not breaking away from the chase, the woman explained that running she was told by the Lord himself.


A woman named Connie Allen, residing in Tennessee, scored a prohibitively high speed on the highway, which it drew the attention of police, who ordered the offender to slow down and pull over to the curb. Not following the instructions of the police, 52-year-old criminal attempted to escape from persecution in his car, speeding even more. However, a police patrol blocked the road the fugitive on the other hand, forced the American to stop.


Taking into custody a woman, police learned that her haste was due to the fact that she was the virgin Mary, who didn’t manage to pick up the baby Jesus, which was so eager, exceeding the speed on the track. According to the woman, God allowed her to exceed the speed limit.