In the video, the lioness went into battle with the Buffalo and blew up the Internet : In the World : Vladim

News 27 January, 2018

In the Kenyan reserve Maksayev Mara managed to take video of lions hunting Buffalo. Users were able to observe the trick, which was used by pride, to trap prey.


First, the Buffalo was attacked by a lioness, but her attack failed. Then the predator hiding in the grass, but hope for a successful outcome of the hunt is not lost. Then “on stage” came a male lion. He went to the herd, but Buffalo didn’t take him as a threat. They fled to escape did not, and rushed to the counter.

The authors of the video comment on what is happening as a deceptive manoeuvre on the part of the pride. Buffaloes aware that lions contrary to popular belief they hunt mainly females. Males are waiting for a spouse to bring them to catch prey. So the animals and withdrew from the pasture.

While Leo was distracted buffaloes, intervened lioness. She ran right behind the three animals and one caught up, glaring him in the neck. After that, it was joined by relatives.