In the zoo San Diego died one of the oldest gorillas in the world : the World : Vladim

News 27 January, 2018

In the USA zoo San Diego at the age of 60 years died one of the oldest gorillas in the world. Employees of the zoo called animal house. The gorilla was born in 1957 and last fall celebrated the 60th anniversary.


Recently health Villa left much to be desired. The animal is often sick, he was sent to quarantine, where it was under the supervision of experts. Villa reared in captivity, many cubs of gorillas and is the founder. According to biologists, this species of great apes living free in 30-40 years. Growth in females varies from 1.5 to 1.75 meters. Males can reach two metres in length and even more.

Zoo staff in San Diego has published in social networks information about the death of Villa. At the moment the oldest on our planet the gorilla is the 61-year-old Truce from Arkansas. This kind of representative monkeys continues to live, not paying attention to his advanced age.