In Toronto Panda from the local zoo attacked a snowman and destroyed it : In the World : Vladim

News 15 January, 2018

In one of the zoos in the canadian city of Toronto Panda decided to attack the snowman. The three of them piled on top of him, beaten, scratched and nearly destroyed.


An interesting case became known through a video that was uploaded by the representatives of the zoo in Toronto on YouTube. The movie shows how three pandas attacked the snowman and began to “beat him”.

As it turned out, members of the fighting group were three pandas: er shun, Jia Jia Panap youyue shopping square. Initially, only one of them was on the snow structure. After he was joined by other representatives of fauna. The three animals tried to destroy the snowman, while also “fought” with each other.
In the end, only one of the attackers stayed to play with the new resident of the enclosure. On it he scratched and pushed.

The video was very nice and pleasant. Only three days it had to review nearly 100 of thousands of YouTube users.