In Turkey, on the video shot of the giant alien ship In the World : Vladim

News 19 January, 2018

On YouTube was released a video, which at the moment is gaining popularity. The footage video can be seen as a giant alien ship hovered in the air above the water near a huge road bridge.


Many users joined in an active discussion of the video, posted online, which over the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey is stuck spinning around its axis very large alien ship. Note, only a few said that they believe in the reality of the situation, however, some were seriously concerned about what he saw, noting that the alien cruiser may be a harbinger of an alien invasion. We will add, most of the users said that what they saw is a common product of computer graphics and not of the best quality.

Also some people have jokingly compared this alien cruiser with vaping, saying that the aliens intend to conquer mankind by steam. The author of the video claims that UFO sightings appeared in January 2018.