In Tver two teenagers raped a homeless woman

News 25 October, 2017

Before the court of Tver will soon appear in two minor local resident accused of rape. Militiamen managed to establish that they tried to force the homeless to copulate, and when the criminal idea did not succeed, they themselves together raped a homeless woman.


According to a press release, the juvenile criminals came to the unit on Rotmistrov, where at that time there were two homeless people. Initially, the teenagers, without any reason, attacked them with his fists, and then began to force them to have sex, but it never happened.

Realizing that nothing happens, they kicked out the homeless, and then in turn raped the woman, threatening with physical violence.
Representatives of the UK branch for the Tver region said that the investigation was repeatedly conducted examination and investigations including and psychiatric tests. Was enough to transfer the criminal case to the court for consideration on the merits.