In Ulan-Ude Teens with an ax attacked children at school : Crime news : Vladim

News 19 January, 2018

Unprecedented violence occurred in the village called the Pine forest, where three intruders, armed with axes, attacked the high school students directly during class. The attack resulted in many students received serious injuries.


Alexey Tsydenov, who is the head of the Republic of Buryatia, was forced to leave the business conference, taking place in the city called Ulan-Hook in Mongolia, in connection with the news about the attack on the students. Before the arrival of the head of Buryatia in Ulan-Ude the situation under control Peter Mordovia, official, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic with respect to security issues. Note, in the course of operational investigative work, law enforcement officials found out that the brutal attack on students of secondary school №5 in a Pine forest with the use of bladed weapons was committed by three criminals. One of napadavshie is currently in the hospital due to the fact that during his detention he managed to inflict self-injuries of different severity, preventing the law enforcement authorities who soon catch criminals. In connection with the decree of the President of the Republic in all educational institutions of Buryatia was largely strengthened security measures and control measures.

Militiamen found out that the three attackers armed with axes, prepared a Molotov cocktail and went to school №5. Entering the school, all three wore a mask to conceal his identity and went to the Cabinet, which held a Russian language class in the seventh grade. Throwing a Molotov cocktail directly to the office, where the students and the teacher, the criminals began to exit the classroom and began to wait until the children started to run out because of the resulting fire. On the out of the office attackers inflicted running injuries children with axes, resulting in three seventh-graders were hospitalized with injuries of different severity. Note that after the incident, taxi drivers are free transported the children home from school. The parents of several students noted that what happened shocked children, who, once home, were still in a stupor. There was also the information that one of the girls before the tragedy warned of the impending massacre. At the moment the police are searching for two criminals who managed to escape from the scene of the crime.