In USA patented robotic bees

Techno 17 March, 2018

2018-03-17 06:07

In USA patented robotic bees
The main task of robotic drones — pollination.

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In the US hypermarket Walmart has registered a patent for a new type of drones in bees.

It is reported by Science Alert, reports Rus.Media.

The main task of drones — pollination. At the same time places the crops the bees should find automatically using sensors and cameras.

Along with Robo-bee, the company patented five types of farm drones. One of them is finding the pests, and the other will monitor the health of agricultural plants.

Scientists have long been looking for ways to prevent a threat to agriculture via rapid decline in the bee population. Indeed, without pollination, almost a third of products, which consumes humanity may disappear.

In particular, researchers from Harvard University have developed a prototype of such bees in 2013. And in 2017 their colleagues from Japan introduced the mini-drones able to replace bees in the pollination of plants.

It is noteworthy that robotic bees are the main heroes sci-Fi series “Black mirror”. In the story the hackers reprogrammed the bees to kill people.