In Voronezh the scammer on the phone I deceived the pensioner on 25 thousand rubles : Crime news : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

69-year-old man from Voronezh voluntarily gave into the hands of fraudsters 25 thousand rubles. The pensioner wanted to save his son from prison, but fell for the classic scheme of deception.


In the police Department of Voronezh has addressed the elderly man with the statement that lost 25 thousand roubles from-for a call from the scammer. In fact, the 69-year-old pensioner gave the money.

The man fell on the banal scheme of deception faced by many. Scammers are calling or writing to adults that their son was in jail for some crime (mostly they report about the accident). They are law enforcement officers and offer to solve the problem for a certain amount. Also, these people are trying as hard as possible to speed the victim that she did not have time to adequately think.

Now the police began a search of the swindler. A criminal case under article “theft” and “fraud”.

Police asked to check all the information that comes from unknown sources. Need to know the names of the caller and check them by typing the number “02”.