In what position you sit – you have such a man! Do you recognize yourself?

Techno 25 March, 2018

2018-03-25 23:35

In what position you sit – you have such a man! Do you recognize yourself?
Finds the things you try to hide.

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There are many things that we do unconsciously. They talk a lot about our state of mind and character, reports Rus.Media.

Our body language can tell much more than you think and the way you sit reveals you as a person.

Before you read any further, look at the picture above and find out for yourself which of these positions you normally sit.

1. Position A.

People who sit like that, usually go with the flow. They do not like to plan, and don’t worry too much about the future.

They are quirky, spontaneous and funny in nature. These people live their lives and not worry about what other people think.

Their imagination is bright enough, they know how to create the most unusual images. A little bit childish, they are one of the most friendly people that you meet in life.

It’s very easy to communicate, they are not “sticky” — capable of quickly switching, extremely rare “chew” the same thought during the day. They are very creative, charming and a bit eccentric.

Such people often speak first and then think about what I said.

2. Position B.

People who sit in this position, and then generate ideas! They are mostly introverts, because they do not trust their thoughts to others.

These people can earn, they often do not yield the temptation.

Do not think – they are happy to chat with you! They are best buddies and can sincerely tell you about something for you inaccessible and incomprehensible.

It is unlikely that they will patiently wait for Monday or new year to start life with a clean slate. Why — because you can start immediately!

In one moment to change the image, partner, industry, city, or even country of residence — for them in order.

They are the ones who will try to understand you, and are the last to be judged. If you are in life, there are people who never let go of them – they are the gems of this society.

3. Position C.

The people who are so confident and know what they want. They know their strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them.

It’s extroverts, they love to be the center of attention.

Their relationship with clothes and things are very complex — in this regard, these individuals are very capricious and whimsical.

Quite often they are surrounded by the so-called “chaos” and “chaos” — but that others seem to be a mess, there is a certain logical system: any thing can be found the master with his eyes closed.

They – the soul of the company, like to take initiative in their own hands. Sometimes they seem a bit proud and arrogant, but inside this shell hides some of the most pleasant people you will encounter.

4. Position D.

People who sit in this position, tender, gentle, honest and straightforward. Positive and negative in their character maintains balance.

It’s also people who first come to you for help, if you just give them a call. They are not shy to help, and unconditional in their love.

Their love, however, can be perceived as something taken for granted by others, and that is one thing they are constantly faced.

The fact that they remain optimistic and loving, despite the fact that their trust is given, says a lot about the strength of their character.

They are sensible, intelligent, vulnerable, believe that a bad peace is better than a good quarrel, and feel uncomfortable when someone shows their feelings in public (and no matter what it is — a passionate kiss or marital “dispute”).

5. Position E.

People who sit in this position, passionate and emotional. They are born leaders, very well organized and ambitious.

They tend toward perfectionism and are very attentive to detail.

They are great listeners and are very good at understanding hints. Their secretive and charismatic personality makes them attractive and mysterious.

They are distinguished by perseverance (sometimes escalating to stubbornness) and dedication.

Ambition makes these people to forget about the vagaries and move ahead — where dreams come true.

It is crucial how they look. Third-party observers unaware what efforts are ready to put these individuals to maintain themselves in perfect shape.

Deep down, somewhere very deep they are a little unsure of themselves, so they often take criticism (even the constructive and friendly) hostility.