In Yakutia found two rare and largest diamond In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

In Yakutia, specialists of the Russian group of diamond mining companies, ALROSA managed to find two instances are quite rare gems. Experts are assured that the mass of diamonds amounted to more than 97 and 85 carats respectively.


In the Yakut Aihalsky GOK in the area of the tube “anniversary” were found two rather rare diamond of a large size: one of the stones has a weight of 97.9 carats, and the second 85,6 CT. Evgeny Agureev, which is the head of a Unified sales organization at ALROSA, said that in the nature of precious stones exceeding 50 carats, are found in very rare cases. In his opinion, such diamonds are in unprecedented demand at auctions.

In 2017 ALROSA was trying to sell an uncut diamond weighing in at 51.3 carats, however, the buyer at such a large gem was not found. Up “jubilee” was launched in 1975 and now it is one of the richest deposits of precious stones in Yakutia.