In Yaroslavl region the stepfather has beaten year-old girl into a coma : Crime news : Vladim

News 28 January, 2018

January 27, in the Yaroslavl region man tightly received with the daughter of a concubine. He beat two-year-old girl to a state of profound coma.


The incident happened in the village of Borisoglebsk. 25-year-old suspect, being in alcoholic intoxication, committed a crime. The neighbors, hearing the cry of the baby rushed to call the ambulance and the police. Still a little drunk and the man at all would have killed the girl.

The doctors brought the child first to a local hospital, and then headed to one of the Yaroslavl hospital. The girl got a lot of bruises, and head and feet. In the hospital was diagnosed with cerebral edema. For more than two days medical staff fighting for her life. She is still in a coma and her condition is extremely serious.

A criminal case on a partner article 117 of the criminal code “Torture”. The man is under investigation. According to neighbors, the family is antisocial.