In Yeysk the grandson killed his grandmother, believing her a witch : Crime news : Vladim

News 9 January, 2018

In the resort town of Krasnodar region Yeisk, Azov sea coast in southern Russia, 27-year-old man arrived for the New year to stay with her 75-year-old grandmother. In the result, the young man killed the pensioner deeming her a witch.


Information about the incident spread in the local media. The man picked up a crowbar and struck five blows to the head his grandmother. After beating pensioner, the guy left the scene and fled in an unknown direction. The police appealed to relatives of the victim. They came to grandma the first day of January, in order to congratulate her on holiday, but I noticed on the floor a dead woman in a pool of blood. Law enforcement officers quickly detained the suspect. During interrogation, the guy said that he had to kill the grandmother, as it appeared to him to be a witch.

The young man was sent to the clinic with him work psychiatrists. Designated medical examination designed to determine the sanity of the suspect.