In Zelenograd unknown shooting raided the Bank and stole nothing : Crime news : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

Unknown made an armed RAID on the Bank in Zelenograd. Law enforcement, however, very surprised by the fact that nothing from the Bank robber took, although his intention was extremely serious. The attempted robbery reportedly happened in the evening on January 31 in the housing 1522, at the Bank’s branch.


«In the room at some point broke into a citizen, dressed in camouflage clothing and a Balaclava. Armed with the traumatic gun, he fired several shots in the direction of monitor the email queue and demanded immediate transfer him the money in the Bank. After that, however, he abruptly ran away, with nothing taking“- said the press service of the affected credit institution.

In fact the incident initiated a criminal case connected with the robbery. Materially damage caused by the attacker, yet to be confirmed.

According to sources in the press, mentioned in 1522 case there is the Zelenograd branch of the Moscow credit Bank.