Incitement to murder of a police officer: no stopping Jordan, slice the court

News 21 August, 2017
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    Michael Nguyen

    Monday, 21 aug 2017 13:52

    Monday, 21 aug 2017 13:52

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    A Montrealer accused of having incited the murder of a former spokesman for the Montreal police should indeed stand trial, despite the four-year wait since his arrest.

    “The request by virtue of the judgment in Jordan is rejected,” concluded the judge, Stephen Hamilton on Monday at the palais de justice of Montreal, in the folder of Anatoly Vdovin.

    The accused is 45 years of age, faces five counts relating to Ian Lafrenière, a former spokesman of the police who were in the media very present during the student protests of 2012. Since then, the case has dragged on so well that Vdovin has requested the proceedings to be stayed, relying upon the judgment Jordan of the supreme Court, which limits the waiting time to 18 or 30 months, unless exception.

    After analysis, the judge however ruled that by subtracting among others, delays caused by the defendant himself, there was no grounds to decide in favour of the accused.

    During the judicial process, Vdovin did not hurry to stand trial.

    “I don’t care”, he told a judge who asked him if he wanted to stand trial as quickly as possible.