Increase of taxes in Montreal: administration Plant must “live with” their choices, ” says Denis Coderre

News 27 January, 2018

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 15:01

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 15:04

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    MONTREAL – The former Montreal mayor, Denis Coderre, who has been publicly invisible since its defeat it has been almost three months, has for the first time commented on the current city of montreal, on Saturday, by declaring “that he would not play the mother-in-law”.

    Mr. Coderre, who took part in the funeral of father Emmett Johns “Pops” has been questioned by TVA News on the budget Valérie Plant and the increases in taxes disputed that his successeure has imposed on Montreal. Denis Coderre has indicated that citizens had made a choice and that they now had to live with.

    “Ah! I am not elected. The people, when they are in power, must make their decisions, they must assume and live with. I know that everything we have done in the past, it was well done. I said that I would not play the mother-in-law.

    These are the people who make the decisions, they have to live with. In life, we don’t put the blame on others, we take its responsibilities.”

    Gérald Tremblay reacts

    The former mayor of Montreal Gérald Tremblay attended also the funeral of Emmett Johns “Pops” on Saturday.

    “This is not easy the political world, and it has significant problems to face in Montreal again. We were the first administration to invest in infrastructure. We have put in place the fee for water in 2003. If we want a future city, a prosperous city, it is absolutely necessary to take actions that are courageous. Valérie Plante has decided to act according to its values, its objectives, to take these actions and he should be respected. It is necessary to give him a chance, she still has four years to manage a city that is not easy to manage,” said Mr. Tremblay.

    Asked about the cancellation of its budget in 2005, he replied: “The contexts are never the same, the contexts are different, each person’s context within its environment and makes decisions that it believes are responsible for the future of the metropolis. It is certain that it was always an interest for the metropolis of Quebec, we can’t spend 11 years of his life in the city and another 10 years at the provincial level without having at heart the success of the metropolis.”