Indian horoscope, the accuracy of which will surprise even the most skeptic

Techno 3 February, 2018

2018-02-03 21:51

Indian horoscope, the accuracy of which will surprise even the most skeptic
Indian horoscope there are more than 5 thousand years, and it is different from our usual astrological fact that is not only the Sun but also on other visible stars. Perhaps that is why his description strikes with incredible precision.

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No wonder the Indians don’t leave home without reading the forecast for the day I… do not build a relationship with a man without knowing his sign, reports Rus.Media.

Mongoose. 11-23 January

These people tend to idealize with my life and the lives of their friends. Because of this, it can be difficult to get along in the team, they are often disappointed in people. They are very attractive, but to get to them can be difficult. However, if it succeeds, a better partner or friend to find. However, they are quite freedom-loving and will not be imposed. Also it is important for them to find a favorite thing and realized it. Moreover, they see goal, not noticing the obstacles, sometimes hitting their persistence and patience.

Monkey. 24 Jan — 5 Feb

From the representatives of this sign can seem cold or indifferent, but in reality these qualities hides a sensitive soul. Few people know that, left alone, these people have a lot to philosophize about his life and making big plans. Often they strive for spirituality and trying to become better than they are now. In the team born in these dates also I feel great: they are able to attract, and their sense of humor is admired by everyone familiar.

Lioness. 6-18 February

People born under the sign of Leo, very charming and eloquent. They often have leadership qualities, but are able to compromise. They have a very good soul: they are willing to give the latter not only for the beloved, but for the unfamiliar person. Perhaps their life is a life of charity, or they dream to devote his life to her. With all this the representatives of this constellation can be demanding of others and take offense over nothing. These qualities of character they need to seriously work.

Horse. 19 Feb — 3 Mar

These people seem calm and conservative. But it at first glance. In fact, often their heart the raging passions, as they are not confident in their abilities and always doubt. They can’t live without other people and need support. The main aim of life is to find yourself in love. They are willing to adapt to partner and not to notice its shortcomings. Career for those born on these dates is of secondary importance. However, they have a lot of talent, and if they manage to implement them in your life, it can become not only successful, but also independent.

Lion. 4-16 March

Born in these dates of the year is usually very artistic, emotional and temperamental. They are confident in their attractiveness, which can be a magnet for the opposite sex. And for good reason. They do not imagine their life without the care and attention to his own person. Though themselves ready to make sacrifices for loved ones. And sometimes the representatives of the Leo sign so addicted to help or care for others not to notice how they are used. However, these people are not afraid of disappointment, while living one day.

Cow. 17-30 Mar

Representatives of this sign are able to control their feelings and emotions. They are firm in their intentions and know exactly what they want from life. Each of the mistakes in life they bring a lesson and never repeat. It is important for them to cultivate, to learn something new, work on yourself. But to others these people are usually wise and patient. And this quality can help them become a good team leader or head of the family.

Elephant cow. March 31 — April 12

People born on these dates are considered to be the most generous in the Indian horoscope. About patience and generosity towards others is legends. And the interesting thing is that they never brag about their good deeds and really help and communicate with all sincerely. However, sometimes the representatives of this sign of insecurity may appear to be jealous and suspicious. This does not happen, if they will always keep close.

Horse. 13-27 April

These people are sociability, sociability and desire for success. They find it difficult to sit still in one place, they are always eager to acquire new knowledge, are always in search of himself. That’s just a specific purpose, they often have no. Or do they change day to day or from year to year. But if the representatives of this sign will be someone stronger who will be able to rein in their spirited and freedom-loving nature, they can find themselves and live in harmony.

Elephant. 28 April — 10 may

Representatives of this sign are usually ambitious and very hardy. I think they will be able to tackle any job and come to any, even the most impossible at the first sight of goal. Also, these people prefer stability and reliability. And in all. In both public and private life. To the partners they are very jealous and love to take control of the relationship and to take things into their own hands.

Sheep. May 11-24

Born during these dates are relaxed and at the same time temperamental. They tend to have an internal dialogue with yourself and to find harmony in his own soul, without psychologists and friends. They can be leaders in their careers, but to play the second role in the relationship. In order to win the heart have to put a lot of effort.

Serpent. 25 may — 7 June

Representatives of this sign is perhaps the most sensitive among all. And often behind a mask of indifference or even arrogance they hide a thin and vulnerable soul. In people, they appreciate intelligence and good manners, because they themselves, regardless of origin, is endowed with these qualities. But in love them can be difficult. Sometimes Snakes too idealized for that then you can survive the disappointment.

Serpens. 8-20 June

These people tend to be role models and to have power over others. At least from the opinions of others, they just do not depend. And all because they all give their lives to the teachings and self-improvement. And this despite the fact that others think that they are wise by nature. In personal life they are very cautious. Before you let a person, representatives of this sign think a hundred times.

Dog. 21 Jun — 5 Jul

Devotion and compassion – these are qualities that distinguish people born under the sign of the Dog. They can’t imagine my life alone, so always try to be among their loved ones. Both in moments of joy and moments of sorrow. In addition, representatives of this sign have an analytical mind, and thus give the right advice and are able to support in any situation.

Cat. July 6-19,

Representatives of this sign are very friendly and considerate. It seems that there are no people who they could not like it. But they themselves, possessing an innate intuition, to choose partners and friends only the elect. Also born on these dates are very neat, and I love the comfort and peace of mind. Noisy companies and parties – not their story.

RAM. July 20 — August 1

These people accustomed to rely on themselves. Sometimes they take on burdens, but carry it to the last, not complaining and not feeling sorry for myself. From the representatives of this sign seem to be simple and open, but really, having a rich imagination, they tend to dig in yourself and not show your feelings. Although born very close to these dates may behave very emotionally.

Cat. 2-15 August

One of the most controversial characters of Indian horoscope. Those born under the sign of the Cat are often on the verge of good and evil, awareness and ignorance. Which path they choose probably depends on them. One thing is clear: these people thanks to his insight possess magical power over people, they can seduce anyone. Thus it is difficult to enter into a serious relationship. To keep representatives of this sign, they need to be constantly admired.

Rat. 16-29 August

These people love life in all its manifestations, but it is important to achieve material and social well-being. They love luxury and at the same time convenience and comfort. Love to control people and control the situation. This files most often born during these dates are very picky about the people, so long mate.

Rat. 30 August — 12 September

Representatives of this sign are conservative, rational and calculating. And these qualities help them in a career and in the family. If will be a choice, they would prefer work and wages, partner and children. Moreover, the comfort in the home and relatives for them from early childhood are the main components in life.

Bull. 13-25 September

Externally, the representatives of this sign seem calm and unwavering. However, at heart they can be insecure and worry about a particular situation. The fact that those born on these dates are very conservative, so any changes in life causing them stress. Or at least, not the most positive emotions. In order to feel in harmony, next to the representatives of this sign should be a partner in the loyalty and devotion which they will be assured for all hundred percent.

Bufalo. 26 Sep — 9 Oct

Born in this sign Indian horoscope are distinguished by good nature and charm. But they tend to change the mood, it is difficult to control their feelings. Next to them must be the person, capable to understand and accept their such what they are. Representatives of the sign of the Buffalo, it is desirable to use their energy for work and creativity, aiming to be constant and patient in relationships.

Tigress. 10-22 Oct

These people love to be the center of attention, they are artistic, charismatic and can’t imagine my life without adventure and thrill. And they are crazy about fashion and art. In General, with them you exactly. However it is not necessary to merge them or even more to betray. Representatives of this sign are very expressive and will not tolerate dismissive attitude.

Buffalo. 23 Oct — 5 Nov

Born in these dates look bright and independent. It seems that fame and success they have in the first place. At least the work they show great interest and are ready to do everything to become the best in your field. However, be aware that most often in the shower in the first place for representatives of this sign should family. They need support from loved ones.

Tigris. 6-18 November

Representatives of this sign are the most ambitious and purposeful in the Indian horoscope. In order to get their way, they might not sleep and not is. However, getting what they wanted, were born in these dates tend to lose interest and switch to something else. With the variability it must be fought and in respect with relatives, and in his personal life. Besides, if they manage to find a balance, life will seem easier.

DOE. 19 November — 1 December

Most often, these people tend to live consciously, and carried away by spiritual practices and following his conscience. Though sometimes, throughout life, between the spiritual and the material, they make a choice in favor of the latter. They seem optimistic and cheerful. But this is only because the representatives of this sign prefer to share with others only with positive emotions, leaving feelings to yourself.

Deer. 2-14 Dec

Born in this period are ambitious and arrogant. It is important for them to constantly evolve and work on ourselves. But thanks to this willpower they always get what they want. These people do not tolerate intrigues, even of the opposite sex they communicate openly and honestly. Thus it is important that the partner was attractive not only externally but also internally.

Dog. 15-27 Dec

These people are brave, active and sociable. I think they can coexist in any team and find yourself in any case. It’s always interesting to talk to, they are always full of new ideas and able to inspire anyone. Also they are faithful and loyal friends, willing to make sacrifices for others.

Monkeys’. 28 Dec — 10 Jan

Representatives of this sign are courage and determination. They are true to their ideals, they always have an opinion on everything. Roll on the other way is extremely difficult. And maybe even impossible. They are also conservatives and are often looking for a companion for life.