Indonesia’s Navy has detained a ship with a ton of hard drugs In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

A ton of drugs was discovered by border guards of Indonesia on Board the vessel, which was under the Singapore flag. Methamphetamine in its pure crystal was discovered in the hold of a ship, Packed in rice bags.


The crew – four citizens of Taiwan could not confirm the cargo stevedoring documents and showed them to the inspectors only a photocopy of super-Kargo.
This is the biggest “catch” of the frontier guards in the territorial waters of Indonesia for the last five years. A suspicious ship was already in sight of the Indonesian Commission for control over the trafficking of drugs.

In almost all the countries of the Pacific region in the law there are the most severe penalties for drug trafficking range from confiscation of property with a life sentence in prison to the death penalty by beheading.