Ingolstadt vs Leeds United live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 16 July, 2017

Ingolstadt vs Leeds United live streaming free
Prediction of the match between Ingolstadt and Leeds

July 16, 2017 at 18:00, the program of Sunday in the pre-season preparation of club teams will continue the game of German Ingolstadt and English Leeds.

Ingolstadt vs Leeds United preview
And even four draws in succession at the finish of the previous season in the German championship, and with such as: Leipzig, Bayer, Freiburg and Schalke already absolutely not affected in the final result. 8 wins, 8 draws and 18 defeats with a goal difference of 36:57, brought Ingolstadt 32 points, which is equivalent to the 17th line in the relegation zone in the standings.

Ingolstadt vs Leeds United prediction

Once in the hands of the Italian businessman, the football club Leeds received a breath of fresh air, replacing the landmark vision of the game. Last season, United played quite unstable, but for a while even, it would seem, that the “whites” will definitely play in the stage of promotion in the class. Just the same lack of character and failure at the finish, Leeds left on the 7th line. As a result of the season, Gary Monk did not agree on continuing cooperation, which he managed to replace the Spaniard of Danish origin – Thomas Christiansen.

The upcoming game in the framework of a friendly match will also be only the first full-time meeting between Ingolstadt and Leeds. Actually, to add more and nothing. The teams are preparing for the new season, everyone has their own strategy and plans, but as for me the class of the English team should get the upper hand, although Ingolstadt left good memories for 2 seasons in the Bundesliga, slamming the door. Bet: both will score.