Inmates of the penitentiary of Port-Cartier deprived of the “trailers”

News 8 December, 2017
  • Emy-Jane Déry

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 23:11

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 23:15

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    PORT-CARTIER | inmates in The penitentiary of Port-Cartier are angry, because they will not be able to have privacy with their spouses for several months.

    The program of the private family visit (VFP) is suspended at the penitentiary in Port-Cartier, near Sept-Îles, due to construction work in the vicinity of the units provided for this purpose.

    The maximum-security institution with a capacity of 237 inmates among its ranks of criminals such as Luka Rocco Magnotta, the ex-colonel of the canadian Forces Russell Williams and the ex-cardiologist Guy Turcotte.

    Until the end of February

    This week, they received a note telling them the suspension of private family visits until the end of February 2018. They can continue to receive their loved ones in the room visits, but not for private stays in ” trailers “.

    As the Holidays approach, the situation is shocking especially the inmates.

    “The sector H has refused to return to their cells this morning (Thursday) to claim the fact that they close and that they have cancelled the trailers of all the world,” said the inmate, Jean-François Blanchette, in an interview with The Newspaper.

    About 80 prisoners were involved in the event which would have caused a trading halt in the penitentiary, according to the detainee Blanchette.

    The latter said that the prisoners could ask other gestures to make known their discontent, but they are always act so ” peaceful “.


    The private family visits have an important role to play in the mental health of detainees, considers the Consolidation of the canadian assistance to the families of the inmate, (e)s.

    “It is very difficult to be inside a prison. They feel isolated and alone. Often, people battling depression and suicide is seven times higher than the national average in the interior of the prison, versus outside in the community, ” said Louise Leonardi, executive director.

    Petroleum storage tanks

    The correctional Service of Canada explains proceed with the replacement of petroleum storage tanks. The work place near the place where take place the VFP.

    “As a precautionary measure, we felt it would be safer to reduce the access of the place during the weekends only,” said Lyne Dumais, manager of regional communications at the correctional Service of Canada.

    Inmates have access to the units when they meet certain criteria. There are generally two rooms and a space bringing together the kitchen and living room.